Rippa Rugby — CO-ED ageS 5 to 8

Rippa Rugby, or 'Rippa' as we call it, is a non-contact version of rugby designed specifically for primary school children. Rippa is an introduction to rugby concepts in a fun, safe and competitive way.

While the rules are simple and the game easy to learn, Rippa Rugby will promote excellent ball handling and running skills. Children who play a season or two of Rippa will understand the basic rules of rugby, will have practiced tackling dummies, and will be very prepared for Mini-Rugby should they want to continue.

Our growing community is an inclusive safe place where all are welcome. Join us and watch the confidence of your little ones grow.


Mini Rugby – Girls Ages 9 TO 11, Boys AgeS 9 to 12

The James Bay Athletic Association has been building a proud sports tradition since 1886. We are the oldest Canadian sports organization west of Montreal with a proud history that includes 77 Rugby championships as well as countless national team members who have represented their country and club all over the world.

As a Mini Rugby player this matters because you get access to extremely talented and experienced coaches, mentors, program directors and volunteers.

Play Rugby and be part of a proud tradition. Join the Mighty Bays today.


Led by Dan Beattie our coaching staff include former Canadian International players and NCCP qualified coaches with small coach to player ratios. All of our coaches are Rugby Ready certified to ensure all of our players are physically fit to play and employ correct and safe techniques while playing. We do all of this to prevent, mitigate and manage injuries.


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